Why MEI is Completely Different

Our guiding principle has always been to encourage students to learn about the world and how to live in it. It isn’t enough to travel abroad, visit historical sites and museums, and expect meaningful connections to happen automatically. Our mission is to offer a global high school experience with each lesson designed to inspire REAL education in the locations we visit.

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The MEI Day

From Start to Finish, the MEI day is a finely crafted experiential journey. It connects students with their surroundings and brings the adventure to life!

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students at Mei Academy
students at Mei Academy

Our Students

MEI attracts engaged, motivated students who are looking for adventure and a COMPETITIVE EDGE. Embarking on any MEI adventure is a chance to join a team of students who are eager to take their educational journey to the next level.

Our Staff

We believe the best conceived plans need exceptional leaders to execute them. Our unique learning environment requires that our teachers possess extensive knowledge in their subject area and excel in the use of contemporary teaching methods. It has taken over 25 years of travelling and teaching to summon together the finest teachers. Staff are selected based on their academic knowledge, travel experience and, most importantly, their passion for teaching young adults.

As a testament to how the MEI experience impacts students, many alumni return as faculty members after completing their university degrees. They return wanting to give back what they received as students.

Students and parents will have an opportunity to meet the staff and teachers at a pre-departure meeting held before each trip begins.

Joe Mei, Founder and Director
Rita Mei
Rita Mei, Operations Manager
students at Mei Academy
students at Mei Academy
students at Mei Academy
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