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Saturday November 10, 2018
Marriott Chateau Champlain

Three Reasons Why MEI is a REAL Alternative to CÉGEP

1. MEI connects motivated students to the REAL World

Our students are looking for something more than MORE-of-the-same education within the four walls of a classroom. They have been on the club med vacations and the March break school trips, and now they are looking for a REAL education that connects them to the REAL world. They are high achievers who are academically motivated to succeed at the next level of their education.

2. Carefully Crafted Education

Each program is carefully crafted to connect subject areas to their ideal locations. Our master teachers have crafted experiential lessons that are unique and executed to perfection. If you want to learn about International Business, we travel to New York City, Paris, London, Hong Kong and Beijing. Why? You will walk through the financial centres of the world. Each day is a new adventure into the city that delves into case studies and research to accelerate the learning experience. If you want to study European history, we go to London, Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Strasbourg, the Alps, Munich and Venice. Why? You will walk in the footsteps of history. You cannot compare a picture in a book to touching, seeing and experiencing the REAL thing.

3. Earn a Grade 12 Diploma and Apply to University

When you register with MEI Academy, you can design your grade 12 year. You choose the courses you want in the location you would like to study. You must complete at least six full courses over the school year, and upon successful completion of these courses, you can receive an Ontario ministry-approved grade 12 diploma.

How can you apply?

Complete the application below, and an MEI academic advisor will contact you and guide you through the process. You may even qualify for up to $10,000 in scholarships.

University applications?

During the year we provide guidance counsellors who help you apply to universities in Canada and abroad.

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