The MEI Day

The MEI Experience is a dynamic combination of three core principles: knowledge, experience, and reflection.

MEI Academy has crafted an impeccable balance of work and play to bring about the ultimate “MEI Day”. Throughout its 20-year history, MEI Academy has refined the flow of each day of a program abroad, and the result looks something like this:

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Hit the Ground Running

In the pursuit of connecting body and mind we begin each day with a workout. Alternating between strength, yoga, martial arts and sport activities, students get off to a healthy start and expand their abilities in different areas of athletics.

Morning Routine

A good beginning

Before we set out for a day of adventure, students come together over breakfast to review the day’s itinerary, prepare for morning lecture and complete course readings. During this time, students watch assigned videos, read articles and listen to podcasts that pertain to the day’s academic themes.

Morning Note

Developing Perspective

Our academic itinerary begins with a discussion of the topics and themes that will drive the day. Students use their journals to reflect on their personal thoughts and experiences as they relate to the larger overarching themes of the coursework.


A Classroom with a View

The world is our classroom. We arrive on the doorsteps of history and our teachers deliver captivating lectures to immerse students in the stories that have led us to the world we live in today. Students participate in lessons that help them develop their ideas and see themselves as an integral part of the ever-evolving narrative of the world around them.


Exploring the City

After morning lecture, we break for lunch, giving students an opportunity to explore the city, step outside of their culinary comfort zones and experiment with unique local cuisine.

Academic Activities and Time to Discover

Taking the Road Less Travelled

Our afternoons are designed to allow students to develop projects and work on assignments while exploring together in groups. With downtime that is anything but, they are encouraged to work together to investigate new sights, activities and ideas.

Master Class

Workshops and Presentations

In the late afternoon, the group reconvenes for a master class focused on specialized aspects of the program. Presentations, roundtable discussions, and teacher conferences also allow for students to receive tailored feedback on their academic progress.


Taking a Seat at the Table

Dinner provides us an opportunity to recharge, reflect on our day and enjoy good food and conversation together as a group. We utilize our time over dinner to participate in BookChats, debates and take in the evening together.

Evening Activities

From Day Into Night

After the sun sets, we explore the unique local nightlife in each destination. The evenings are also for setting up a microphone to record podcasts or sharing stories around a campfire.

Return to Hotel

Home Away From Home

After an active day, we return to our home away from home. The hotels, villas and lodges in which we reside are centrally located and allow students and teachers a calm and restful night’s sleep.

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