Why Take Math Online with MEI?

  • Improved Grades

    With such a small teacher to student ratio, students can expect to see improvements in both their understanding of the material and their ability to apply that understanding.

  • Professional Teachers

    Our teachers specialize in one-on-one and small group teaching. Their focus is to create a learning environment that best suits each student.

  • Foundational Understanding

    We are interested in students learning, not memorizing, concepts and ideas. The idea is that this course helps students prepare for post secondary education by supplying them with the foundational knowledge to succeed.

Courses Available

  • Advanced Functions

    This course extends students’ experience with functions. Students will investigate the properties of polynomial, rational, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions; develop techniques for combining functions; broaden their understanding of rates of change; and develop facility in applying these concepts and skills. Students will also refine their use of the mathematical processes necessary for success in senior mathematics. This course is intended both for students taking the Calculus and Vectors course as a prerequisite for a university program and for those wishing to consolidate their understanding of mathematics before proceeding to any one of a variety of university programs.

  • Calculus And Vectors

    The Grade 12 university preparation course Calculus and Vectors is designed to prepare students for university programs, such as science, engineering, and economics, that include a calculus or linear algebra course in the first year. Calculus is introduced in the Rate of Change strand by extending the numeric and graphical representation of rates of change introduced in the Advanced Functions course to include more abstract algebraic representations. The Derivatives and Their Applications strand provides students with the opportunity to develop the algebraic and problem-solving skills needed to solve problems associated with rates of change. Prior knowledge of geometry and trigonometry is used in the Geometry and Algebra of Vectors strand to develop vector concepts that can be used to solve interesting problems, including those arising from real-world applications.

What's Included

Fee Breakdown

Cost per course
Cost per course
Cost per course
Cost per course
$1,795.00 USD

* Program cost does not include non-refundable $95 registration fee.

Program Costs

  • Ministry-approved credit(s) upon successful completion of the course(s)
  • Custom course pack
  • Student Login
  • MEI journal
  • MEI T-Shirt
  • Digital yearbook

Program Fee Does Not Include

  • Lunches
  • Insurances
  • Gratuities
  • Local Transportation
  • Course texts
  • Medical Insurance and Cancellation Protection†
  • Non-refundable Registration Fee

† All students travelling with MEI Academy are required to purchase Medical and trip cancellation and interruption Insurance.

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