After a thrilling summer in Central America on the Backpackers program, I knew I couldn’t live the rest of my life untravelled. My heart was calling for Europe, and so I joined the adventure again with MEI’s Spring Semester. It was the best risk I ever took! The teachers brought life into every lecture and crafted brilliant connections with each student. My teachers weren’t just instructors — they were my mentors, friends, and family. The students I shared my journey with were the most unique, spontaneous, and beautiful people.

There’s something to be said about being where you learn — it was unfathomable. Just imagine running the same track as the Ancient Olympians or sitting on the steps where Hitler delivered speeches: it was utter magic. I never knew that the bustling streets of Paris, a starry night sky in the Swiss Alps, decadent gelato in Italy, or the breathtaking beaches of Greece would ever teach me some of life’s greatest lessons.

MEI isn’t just about academics, it’s about absorbing new cultures, discovering who you are, building powerful friendships, getting out of your comfort zone, indulging, reflecting, challenging yourself, and embracing freedom. My MEI adventure through Europe has left me with many unforgettable moments, lessons and friendships!
Angelika Promny-Tavares
Student, Spring Semester, 2018