Our approach to reopening our Global Classroom

MEI recognizes that making the world our classroom again has its challenges, but we are confident that we are up for it. COVID-19 showed us all just how interconnected we are on this planet and it highlighted the importance of becoming a well-informed global citizen. As we reopen our programs this spring and summer, we will make informed decisions, and take every step possible to keep everyone safe. We will continue to follow the guidance of local and national health officials, the latest travel advisories, and up-to-date international protocol for travel and tourism.

  • Limiting program sizes

  • Testing prior to the start of the program

  • Using face coverings when necessary

  • Screening for symptoms

  • Practicing proper hygiene

Online and in the World

For over 23 years, MEI has been offering experiential courses around the world without interruption and students have depended on MEI to deliver the best in education. In March of 2020 we made the necessary changes and began our Online Live summer program with over 200 students, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Online work serves as a useful learning tool as we gradually open the doors to the Global Classroom. We have created a synchronous learning platform that affords our teachers the opportunity to engage with students one-on-one and in small group sessions throughout the day. Our access to the best teachers across Canada allows us to bring the highest level of instruction into your home, virtually. Our Online and in the World programs combine the best of both worlds: the virtual and the real world. We have adapted our travel programs and bookended them with our Online Live instruction to provide a perfect balance between learning and experiencing.

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Travelling Again

We are moving forward and have re-envisioned and reopened our experiential programs. We have made it easier for parents and students to feel more comfortable with the idea of travel. We have adjusted our cancellation policy (see below) to be flexible for parents, and insurance companies are now offering COVID-19 medical travel insurance.

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Domestic Travel Options

We have new programs focused on travel in Canada and connecting our courses to a diverse and rich environment. Check back as we launch our new Backpackers branded programs.

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Term Programs Whether Online Or Travel

Our two-month, two-course TERM programs coincide with many school boards’ Quad-mestered timetables, making it easier for students to incorporate into their home-school timetables. Two-month TERM programs provide students with flexibility in completing their high school education and affording them time to travel and work. If you would like to be updated on our programs please register to join our Program Updates email list by clicking below.

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Cancellation Policy for Spring and Summer 2022

Until December 15, 2021 (for Spring 2022) or February 1, 2022 (for Summer 2022) or June 1, 2022 (for Fall 2022) you have the flexibility to decide, without penalty, whether you want to continue with the program. If you choose not to participate in the program, your deposit will be refunded.